Paul - Post Klamper (Mechanical Disc Brake)


Cable Pull

  • ※自転車のパーツは様々な規格、サイズがあり、全てを在庫する事が不可能なため、当オンラインストアでは、在庫品の他、取り寄せ可能な商品もカートに入るようになっております。

CNC製品に定評のある Paul Component Engineering(ポール)

テストにテストを重ね、デザイン、製造に3年の年月を経て、開発されたポールが誇るディスクブレーキ Klamper


Vブレーキ、Linear-pull ブレーキ用レバー対応のロングプルの2種類があります。

ロングプルの方はPaulのLove Lever、Long-pull drop bar levers・Cane Creek Drop Vとも相性抜群。

Material : 6061 Aluminum, Heat Treated Steel
Weight : 211g
Finish : Anodized
Anodized Color : Black or Silver
Cable Pull : Short Pull or Long Pull
Brake Pads : Kool Stop Disc Brake Pads

Product Story :
When we set out to build this brake, nearly three years ago, we started with a clean slate.
Then we tried all manner of whacky ideas but eventually wound our way back to the tried and true ball bearing in a ramp system. From there we concentrated on the details. We made the balls bigger for smoothness and increased pad travel. We hardened the steel where the balls contact the ramps. We used three hardened steel pins to locate the pad actuator. Instead of a plastic thrust washer we used a flat needle roller thrust bearing.

Then we moved onto the caliper body. This took countless drawing revisions and probably 20 prototypes.
We added “fangs” to the inner backing plate for stiffness, and beefed up the outer caliper body where needed.

The pad adjusters went through a similar process. We wanted easy adjustability but staying power.
For that we designed detents into the circumference, located with spring ball plungers.

We believe this is the best mechanical caliper ever made for a bicycle. It’s available in long pull and short pull, just change the actuating arm, both of which are available separately.

We decided not to make rotors. That’s a manufacturing process we do not do, and they are readily available.
The pads are Kool Stop sintered metallic.

As always, allow a couple short rides to bed in the pads.

Mounting Klamper from Paul Component Engineering on Vimeo.