FEDERAL BIKEを立ち上げたIan Morisが2006年に立ち上げた、UK発のライダーによるBMXブランド
Nora Cupでの勝利 'This is United'のDVD製作プロジェクトに力を注ぎ、世界のいくらかの素晴らしいライダー達の’ファミリー’を作ることにも情熱を注ぐ。

From the idea conceived in Hastings UK in 2006, we have always aimed to be amongst the finest bike companies out there with United. Everything that we put our name behind or upon we stand behind 100%, whether it is researching how to produce harder wearing, better looking and more responsive BMX products, embarking on huge DVD projects like our Nora Cup winning 'This Is United', or creating a family of riders that also happens to include some of the best in the world.

By United Bike Co

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